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Thread: MSTS on Windows 10 - Confirmed

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    Mine was fixed last night as you see one of my message that I couldn't start Train Simulator. Solved the problem is that I copy/paste one of atiumdag.dll from AMD Catalyst Control Center ver. 15.7 to the main folder of Microsoft Train Simulator. Now I can click to open the program of Microsoft Train Simulator to run the route. That's strange but it's good to know that I read this information from other forum on the internet.


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    Quote Originally Posted by EricF View Post
    Otto, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with Win10 Pro. It's not perfect, but I see a lot of potential in it. Don't be put off by some of the simplistic interface in spots. Everything a power user needs is still there -- for instance, right-click the Start button and you'll see the classic Control Panel is accessible from there, along with a lot of the other configuration options. And you can still get more control of updates by using the Group Policy controls. You can run it opted-out of Microsoft online services and it will work just fine.
    Well the update over my WIN-7 Pro downloaded and installed, taking 12 hours while I was sleeping.

    It showed exactly the same desktop of my heavily customized WIN-7 desktop, I have repeatedly posted screenshots of in the forums.

    Trying to do a Norton Ghost image of my new 60GB WIN-10 system drive C:\ before trying to customize it too. it did not work, asking me to enter its product code and could not use the keyboard typing its numbers, using the keyboard's top row numbers as well as the num-keypad's.

    Everything has changed how it worked before, requiring different input methods, TS2015 still crashed trying to use my SR-OTTO concrete ties tracks, MSTS would not load and ORTS running Marc's Cheyenne route was jerky and could not show its F5 Hud !

    It may be working alright with WIN-7 computers that have not been modified to work to users requirements, but would not count on it !

    I can see a lot of problems ahead for those who have updated to WIN-7 WIN-10 and shall keep watching Google to see what others installing it over WIN-7 have experienced !

    Have restored the Norton Ghost Image, I took before having WIN-7 updated to WIN-10 and all is working like it did before !

    It has given me something to do, nothing else in the pipeline at the moment to do with computers and Train Simulators !

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    Are there any reports of AVG virus control packing up after the upgrade? Perhaps it has to be reinstalled!

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    Thread has been stuck.

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    Interesting note -- Out of caution, I usually install the DirectX redistributable (June 2010 version) to ensure all possible DX9 + legacy libraries are made available -- since M$ only put basic legacy support in Win7 to save disk space. Well, Microsoft is also trimming back older .Net support too. I just installed something the other day that needed .Net 3.5, and upon running the application, Windows 10 popped up a message saying the .Net 3.5 redistributable was missing, and it would then download it from Windows update, which it did. Interesting, because Win7 generally had sufficient support for .Net 3.5 and 4.0 built-in.

    So, we can probably assume that Win10 will attempt to pull in legacy support libraries when it can. But I wouldn't 't expect it to account for everything -- so be aware that from time to time you may have to hunt down the odd support library or DLL file.


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    Here is what my pal Mike Simpson has e-mailed me, indicating that there will some problems with WIN-10 having been installed on WIN-7 / 8.1 computers and supplied with new ones:

    Win 10 performing well, we have updated 3 of our 5 computers here. Following is what I posted on a Steam forum:-
    Just a few tips on what might happen during upgrading, we have 5 PCs here:

    1. My main PC has been running the Win 10 Tech. preview for 6 months. Works fine.
    2. My 2nd PC running Win 8.1 still awaiting upgrade, says may be days or weeks away.
    3. My son's Alienware PC updated yesterday. When the update finished, it had no wi-fi drivers, so no internet to download any further drivers/patches etc. Also no audio and the camera did not work. As we have plenty more PCs, getting drivers from the makers site was easy enough, but for a person with a single PC, this could have been a disaster, so as others have said, make sure you have the latest drivers first.
    4. My Son's main Win 7 desktop PC has always had a problem with Windows Updates which we can't clear, so he never did get the Win 10 app and hence no Win 10 logo on taskbar. We will need to update it with an ISO disk eventually.
    5. A brand-new small laptop bought on Saturday came with a sticker 'This PC will automatically update to Win 10...' - well it tried, but kept failing until we first downloaded every single Win 8.1 update after which it then upgraded to 10. There were no instructions saying that this was necessary.

    So all in all, although we got 3 out of 5 upgraded OK, 1 is still waiting and 1 will need to be done later - I do feel that clearer instructions for users on making sure all drivers were updated first etc should have been made. My son and I are both long time computer users and knew what to do to get around any problems, but one can imagine that many users will end up with boxes which don't work at all

    I did install Windows 10 beta early versions over Win 7, but one of the later betas failed and I then did a clean iso install on that PC and had to reinstall all my software, but it was a good chance to clean out all the rubbish.
    I am happy with my WIN-7 Pro and was with my WIN-XP SP3 desktop before it died recently and have asked the UK Chillblast to build me an i5 4.3GHz, nVidia GTX960 desktop, I still need to run and maintain my Accounting software on, instead of having to use my old, slow WIN-XP SP2 Duo-Pentium desktop !

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    I suspect win 8.1 already has 85% of whats needed for win 10, so just very few core files need updating. The basic structure of 10 is already there. Win 7 likely needs more core changes. Win 8.1 users probably won't see that much difference.

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    Might want to pass back to Mike: the computer that has had problems with Win 7 updates will almost certainly refuse to accept Win 10 upgrade. He will have to BUY a retail copy of Win 10 and do a clean install. Alternative is to do a fresh W7 install to get it to SP1, then the W10 download or ISO.

    I had a similar problem with the daughter's old (i5/4GB RAM) laptop (she got a new one) that I'm using for the Win 10 guinea pig - it stopped updating at SP1. So I had to do a clean, new (buy a PK from MS because the original W7 in the recovery partition is what wouldn't update) W7 SP1 install. Finishing that up today (took a couple of days - slow computer - and the 600 W7 updates are still installing), then will try W10 again. The original system would, of course, not take the downloadable upgrade (broken WU and no SP1), and the ISO didn't work either (got through all the prep work, then died with no visible error code almost immediately after starting the actual installation).

    On belt & suspenders principles, I'm setting up a complete, working W7 system with all the software and user accounts that should be on the computer before doing the W10 move. Theoretically, that way, if W10 bombs I can roll back and have the general-use portable intended. May need to run MSTS/ORTS from a portable drive, though - or maybe load from portable when used then deleted afterward - internal HD is only about 300 GB.

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    Just an added point of info, you will have to run Microsoft Update. Just created a testbed pc to see what 10 was about, and after doing a clean install of 7, and SP1, was not able to just install the KB that included the Get 10 app. Had to let Update do it's routine and that was over 250 updates before the Get 10 KB was installed. This may not be typical, but that is what just happened to me doing a clean 7 install.

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