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Thread: SLI FRC AmI missing something

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    Default SLI FRC AmI missing something

    I have down loaded SLI's addition to the Feather River Canyon but I am getting quite a few errors of missing engines and cars. When I check out the missing equipment it says that there are some SLI engines and cars that are being used. However I cannot find them on SLI's web site. If it was equipment that has been discontinued, SHAME on them. If I am wrong could somebody point me in the right direction as to where to find this missing equipment.

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    Post a screen shot of those errors if you can. That will help people pinpoint the problem.

    Just a guess, but it sounds like maybe you didn't add the CON files for the activities enclosed with the pack. ( I would think SLI included the CON files for the activities.)

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    On the SLI website, it says the pack has 6 activities, BUT 3 are for Open Rails only. If you're trying to run those 3 OR activities in just MSTS, that might be some of the problem.

    Some more info and screenshots of the error(s) would be a big help.

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    Got the set, all checks out okay, all cons goods, all equipment present.
    All the activities will run in OR --- MSTS can run only three of them labeled (UP FRC)... MSTS will not run those labeled (UP FRC) (OR), looks like it is because of OR's improved AI handling.
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