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Thread: What Happened to MOPHOUSE???

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    Question What Happened to MOPHOUSE???

    This probably doesn't belong here but what is going on with the Mophouse Site?

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    Shut down. Do a forum search for the ugly story. Use search word pathetic.
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    Sombody please lock this. Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by frankoburns View Post
    Sombody please lock this. Thanks.
    Fair do's Frank!

    Awful as this situation is there are plenty of decent Train Sim fans out there who don't read everything on the forum who are going to be surprised to find it gone?

    If this is going to locked it ought at least to be a sticky or how else are Mophouse fans going to find out?
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    Agree with posting this to the top. People will be asking this question for years considering how many activities here on T-S used locomotives on Mophouse.
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    I could sticky, but given how few people read the stickies now, there will still be questions for years...

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