Hello! I want to talk about their native place. I was born in the settlement Vazyuk, it is in the Kirov region, Russia. My settlement (although it can be called a village) established in 1929 on the site of a railway siding on the railway Kirov-Kotlas as the site of logging. Now they live about 500 people, although in the Soviet period lived 1500. We are a sawmill where the wood is loaded on the railway. The name "Vazyuk" is not actually in Russian language, and the language of Komi, from which translates into English as "Duck's creek". Likewise, a small river called a few kilometers from settlement.

Railway station Vazyuk has two ways, it departs from the branch to the sawmill. Recently, I started working at this station. My job is literally translated from Russian as "duty worker of railway station", but in English it is properly called "yardmaster". I do trains pass through the station and supervise shunting work on the way to the sawmill.

I will show a few pictures. In this buiding are yardmaster's facility, office of station-master and a waiting room for passengers:

General view of the station

View to station from the north

View towards Nagibino station, which is just north of Vazyuk

View towards the Starovercheskaya station, which is located south of Vazyuk

View to station from the south:

Overall gates on a sawmill's branch:

railroad crossing:

Passenger platform:

Console of yardmaster:

To be continued. I will be glad to answer your questions!