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Thread: Unable to save Services !! :(

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    Quote Originally Posted by slipperman View Post
    Hi Ashraf,
    Without a service and a path, an AI is only a consist! You can make as many consists as you like using AE, ConBuilder, Route-Riter or Convoi, if that's all you want to do. To link those consists to a specific journey and time, you must create suitable paths and services using Activity Editor. You CAN, of course, use a "dummy" activity (one which will be discarded) to build your paths and services, but you would still need to incorporate them into a "proper" activity to be able to use them. I stand to be corrected, but that's the only way I know


    EDIT : Thanks Baldwin - I've left my post as I wrote it because I'm not sure what Ashraf is hoping to do!!

    Thanks a lot !! Sir !! for guiding me !! Actually, just now i realized that :-
    First we have to make an activity providing complete details.
    Then, we move on to the traffic pattern. It asks as to which services are to be added. This is the point where AI services can be added. As you said, that all parts of an activity are interlocked and now i understood it that first we can/must create the player service, and while editing Traffic pattern, we can add services of our AI Trains very easily and in integrity.
    i hope this is the pic which justifies my statement :- bandicam 2015-08-21 21-42-48-671.jpg

    Thanks once again !! Sir !! for your kind and patient replies !! My confusion is solved !!
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    I always make my AI services from the New Traffic box at the bottom right of the AE screen. Once you click on it you will be given the chouce of finding an existing service or making a new one. I always name my Service that is connected with the activity with a name that clearly links them. For example:
    Activity Name: ATSF fast freight East bound which I shorten to ATSF FSTFRT EB.
    I will then name the AI service ATSF FSTFRT EB AI#1, ATSF FSTFRT EB AI#2, ATSF FSTFRT EB AI#3, and so forth. That helps to associate as much AI trains as possible. I may have other services for trains already made that I may add in for convenience sake. They might be a train doing switching moves in a yard for example and I am sure the path will not interfere with the other services. I am currently away from my MSTS computer so I hope this helps.

    Bob Edwards

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