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Thread: ANOTHER Thank you to Bob Wirth

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    I'm in the process of downloading your Marceline sub you uploaded, thank you again for more insanely hard work to bring us closer and close to the full completion of the ATSF Line from LA to Chicago!!!
    This does complete the Transcon from LA to Chicago...

    A big thank you to Bob Wirth!

    EDIT: My info was redundant. More info at the following post:
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    I see this Bob Wirth guy a lot in the last post!! Must be an amazing person!

    I believe he is and I have a lot of his great routes and they are all great! The best thing about his work, is that they function right out of the box! Way to go Mr. Wirth!

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    I just downloaded and installed the Marcie route - I had somehow missed the earlier announcements.
    It is a gem of a route! The installation procedure was perfect, too.
    Many thanks to Bob Wirth.

    (Edit: I am running activities in OR - with the ability to jump to and drive any train in the activity, it really is impressive.)

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