There was some discussions taking place about maintenance on my forum and server recently that sparked some interest. We came up with some new engine maintenance routines. We are also still looking at doing a car inspection (hot box and dragging analyzer) in the next few days. In some of these conversations there was mention of utilizing the high rail truck.

So that got me thinking out of the box a little bit more. I went out for supper and brainstormed what I visioned it could do. The results of that concept are now available here

Personally I can take it or leave it. But programming it gives me the opportunity (or excuse) of looking at another programming language, and perhaps enhancing the potential of both track inspection, but also triggering MOW projects, flag protection, signal and crossing failures, etc.

Your welcome to read the concept for yourself. What I'm looking for is ideas and the actual MOW field of railroading that is behind it. I'm also looking to see how many people are truly interested at running a mainline at 15 MPH inspecting virtual track (and a program telling them what they see). Again I can take it or leave it, got enough other things to do right now. Feel free to convince me it's wanted either by replying to the thread on my forum, or right here at this forum.