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Thread: Help an Old Newbie - The Mechanics of Subway Driving With Throttle & Brake

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    Question Help an Old Newbie - The Mechanics of Subway Driving With Throttle & Brake

    Grew up in NYC. Loved subways. Now at age 60, starting to dabble in Subway sims. Just started with WOS Vol 1. I am trying to get the hang of driving these PATH trains. The non-continuously variable throttle is what throws me. The fixed throttle positions do not seem to be designed to operate the train in relationship to the typical line speed limits - they always seems to leave the train under or above those limits. On level ground. Under doesn't keep me on schedule. Throttle setting that keeps the train above the limit requires light braking to stay under the limit (downthrottling seems to loose to much speed.) Since keeping on schedule is necessary, driving at the speed limit seems desirable, but only posible using simultaenous throttle and brake. Is this normative subway driving? Am I missing something?

    Obviously, serious speed reductions require throttling down and braking. But is it preferred to keep bumping the throttle between two positions rather than applying light brakes to keep the train at the speed limit?


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    Well I'm not sure that the physics in any of the WOS series are particularly accurate, more like model railway of Trainz style DCC where the throttle setting simply gives you a speed. However if you think of braking as bleeding off energy then to use it as a means of controlling speed during the cruise phase is essentially wasting power. In reality, you would use the appropriate power notch to achieve line speed then throttle back and coast, just applying more power if speed drops or climbing a gradient.

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