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Thread: First Surfliner 2 Activity Pack Released

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    Post First Surfliner 2 Activity Pack Released

    Greetings everybody,

    If anybody hasn't looked at the file library recently, I have released my first set of activities for Surfliner 2. These activities encompass runs of Amtrak trains 769, 774, 777, and 784 in their entirety. If anybody has questions, comments, quandaries, compliments, issues, or anything else regarding this set feel free to post here.

    I hope you all enjoy!


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    I saw the files and downloaded right away. So far the activities are great! I am on the second leg of Amtrak 769!

    I enjoy this route so much and now to have some additional and modern activities is great! Good job!

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    Thanks EK nice job.

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    First of all not EK's problem, but everyone should know there are many missing sound files for SM_MetrolinkRotemCoaches (folder name).
    You'll have to spend a little time finding them, or subbing in other wav files. I don't know about MSTS but it will improve the sound considerably in ORTS if those errors are corrected.
    Some other misc. sound and cab file errors, missing files...depends upon how much time the end-user wishes to spend on these issues.
    Also check your sd files, some errors there, and some folks may not have an SLI.UP folder, I think that is one of the older (no longer offered) SLI downloads.

    Always nice to have some more activities for the Surfliner2, thank you!
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    I think ConBuilder had the best sound test . . . i spent hours some years back and as you said, sounds improved.

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