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Thread: North Jersey Coast Line merged with New York - New Haven Line

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    Linking done and here is Part-1 of my progress connecting both the West and East tunnels, my WIN-7 Pro computer battling with the TS-2016 editors, which are not coded to cope with such a task !

    A pathed by me Freeroam loco is travelling from the New Jersey side of the Hudson river, through Penn Station and North-East towards New Haven !

    Again, some overhead wires are not showing when action is being recorded at accelerated speed !

    The darker tunnel is part of the New York to New Haven route.

    The Paint Tool Level function has a problem adjusting the terrain using a certain height in meters, getting "Dumped" frequently and all of TS-2016 is creaking, forcing me to use all sorts of work-arounds to beat its inadequate coding !

    However, I am winning the battle !

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    All tunnels having been linked, I have tested driving in them and the route is now almost ready to be released from my web site to those who would like to run it and have both these merged routes or would now like to purchase them.

    Going out to have dinner now and then shall create my usual Freeroam scenario, running a North Jersey consist pathed by me to drive from New Haven to Bayhead, take the loop there and return to Hoboken !

    Testing a route, I am using Swen's Freeware ICE-3 Twin unit, I can drive in both directions from its cabs at both ends and can give its LUA Krellnut's Cruise Control. Once set at a save speed for all curves and switches, can run it at 5 times accelerated speed, concentrating on what needs to be fixed !

    Spotting something I can switch into the World Editor, fix it and carry on testing !

    >None< electrified routes are given >ThirdRail< electrification in their Tracks.bin files, so that all locos and MUs can be driven in them !

    All supplied with both routes scenarios should work, with the exception of New York - New Haven ones which termintate at the NY Penn station, their paths having been broken by the merger !

    I am pleased with myself, having done all that in just a few days !

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    O.K., ready for consumption:

    Its 128 Mb RAR is here:

    Have FUN !


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    Old Age again !

    Forgot to mention it in its README, required when running the supplied by me Route Explore Freeroam scenario !

    Make sure that this switch is set to STRAIGHT after the South bound player has passed it, causing it to Divert, before going North to Bayonne after leaving the Bay Yard area, driving on the right-hand track !

    P.S.: Having finished running my scenario today noticed some severe terrain on tracks glitches in the Bayonne station yard, which do not exist in the original. Have fixed it and re-uploaded it !

    This is something which keeps also happening when Bill Putnam has made changes to his W.I.P. route and did also with Thomas Bontempo's routes!

    A flaw created when the TS-2016 code slightly re-calculates some location co-ordinates ? I then have to spend many hours checking huge routes like that and fix it, not wanting to release anything which is not as perfect as I can make it !

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    wow that was fast otto i just came today to see what was going on and you have it done thank you. to try it out i asume i need both routes i have nynh really had no interest in the new jersey route unless you got it merged.thanks again.ill check your site to see if the download is there.tom

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomgiorgini View Post
    wow that was fast otto i just came today to see what was going on and you have it done thank you. to try it out i asume i need both routes i have nynh really had no interest in the new jersey route unless you got it merged.thanks again.ill check your site to see if the download is there.tom
    Yes Tom, you need both routes !

    The North Jersey is far superior to the New York - New Haven route, using better looking concrete ties tracks and the scenery is superb !

    As I have suggested, DTG should sell my version at a special price so that all who have neither route do not have to buy them.

    I do not want anything for doing it !

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    59 downloads from my web site so far and am glad that I have not wasted my time doing this merger !

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    Having merged these routes East of Penn, where Danny said he has merged his, re-creating my New Rochelle to Grand Central scenario, I noticed that my merged routes have lost these tunnels where shown and nothing I tried could make them visible !

    Looks like I shall have to manually recreate them, like I have learned how to do in the Wild West route !

    I wonder whether Danny can see them in his merger ?

    On the subject of what happens when creating a message in the forum and adding an attachment, below shows my composing the message window jumping, forcing me to find again where I was posting in it !


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    Too complicated and too much work to repair this stretch of tracks missing their tunnels on the approach to the Grand Central station, but trains can run on them !

    Taught me another lesson to stick to doing what I know works best for me and what I am capable of !

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    However, not liking it when I can not get perfection in what I am working on and having nothing interesting to do, I had another go at fixing these missing tunnels on the approach to the Grand Central station.

    Not easy working with lofts where there are multiples on top of each other !

    The outer single tracks stretches are "Closed for Maintenance", but can be driven on !

    Might release this updated version, including the 2 new Freeroam scenarios, it there is demand for it !

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