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Thread: Creating the route Mullan Pass -- Please Help

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    Default Creating the route Mullan Pass -- Please Help

    Hello, how dis the title, I'm creating the Mullan Pass the TS2016, but I have very little information, because I am here in Brazil. I and many others ferroviavias fans, much admired American, and Mullan Pass is one of them. I would like to ask for help from your friends who can collaborate with any information such as pictures, names of roads in the courtyards, degree of elevation, everything will be of great help. this week saw a video recorded in the loop of Austin, that where there was only one line, now has two, and google earth does not show that second, it helps me a lot but do not have all the information. I thank you all. The finished route will be free, because I do not profit from it, thanks.

    Here are a few photos doque made so far.
    Screenshot_Mullan Pass_46.60089--112.01755_12-02-24.jpg

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    Hi Bill !

    As you can see from the lack of response to your post that there is little interest from the few remaining readers on these US forums in another US Pass route, many excellent ones already existing, the best being the Soldier Summit !

    Do a GOOGLE for Mullan Pass and you will find much information of interest to help you create it !

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