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Thread: MSTS Mumbai DC EMU/ NR AC EMU not working

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    Default MSTS Mumbai DC EMU/ NR AC EMU not working

    Error reading train database file
    File: Trains\Trainset\ASM - IR EMU\PDcEmuDriving.eng
    Line: 260

    This is the scenario.
    I have MSTS Bin 1.8.052113 installed and train update 1.4 installed (but still shows version in properties)

    Any help would be highly appreciated.

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    What operating system?
    What is the path of your MSTS install?
    If you have Win Vista through Win 10, Did you follow the install tutorial according to Steam4Me?
    If you didn't, Windows would PREVENT Bin and the 1.4 update from installing..(they would have appeared to install, but because of PERMISSION issues the updates would not have been written to the MSTS directory being of it being located in the PROGRAM FILES folder...the "default" MSTS path)
    It is likely that the locomotive you listed requires BIN to function correctly..hence the error on "line 260"..
    The solution is to reinstall EVERYTHING according to the tutorial and go from there.
    The above is a guess, since you provided nothing in the way of background info on your operating system or MSTS installed path.
    Thats why we have this stickied topic at the top of the main forum board under the "HELP AND ASSISTANCE" Header!!:
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