Weekly report calendar week 20

Only paperwork

As mentioned in the last week, I'm currently busy thinking up stories for the assignments and inserting as many recurring characters as possible. Otherwise, there is currently nothing new to report.
I am really sorry that I can not report to you on the work packages at the moment. But I can report something.

Fahrt frei gets its own website

The disruption of posting weekly reports on my Facebook page is one of several reasons why I will create my own website in June or July. You can already remember the address for this.


Of course you will not miss the fact that the address ends with .fr, the TLD for France. There are several reasons. The address with the TLD .de is already taken and the TLD .fr matches the letters. Drive, free, Frank and .fr all start with F or FR. And then there is the added fact that the ancestors of my grandmother's mother are Huguenots, French. So that fits everything.

Of course, this Facebook page will remain, but the focus will be shifted to the new page.

That's it for today.

Until next time

Frank Stendel