Good evening!

Good evening!

I'll quickly announce some news here. Now that I have a second track builder working for me, work is progressing on two updates for two GR tracks.
It's about the GR 1 Biggetalbahn and GR 2 Rollbahn. On both routes, all errors that are present there are eliminated first. This means, for example, floating objects or objects that protrude into the clear space profile of the route.

Next, deeper corrections are made. Track plans, which had to be adjusted at the time due to the circumstances, are corrected. This means that single and double slip switches are installed, track names, especially those of sidings, are provided with the correct track names or company names. Tracks that were "saved" at the time due to the lack of performance of the computers and the MSTS. are added. This applies in particular to the "terminal stations" of the routes. E.g. with GR 1 the stations Finnentrop, Dieringhausen and Betzdorf. Track closures, which did not exist when GR 1 and 2 were built, will be retrofitted. And of course the turntables will be made functional.

Another point is the replacement of unrealistic looking textures and the aging of e.g. building textures.

In addition, as many objects as possible should be added to make the display livelier.

These updates are expected to be ready by late autumn 2023.

That should have been it for today. The weekly report for calendar week 23 will be available on Sunday, June 11th, 2023.

See You next time at Fahrt frei.

Frank Stendel