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Thread: December on the Canadian Pacific Mactier Subdivision

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    Default December on the Canadian Pacific Mactier Subdivision

    Greetings everybody! Its December, which means its the most wonderful time for Mactier!

    Myself and a friend of mine have come to a liking of running the Mactier Subdivision exclusively in December. We feel that this is the best route which corresponds with the Christmas season. So I'll be posting any good screenshots on this thread! First up is empty crude oil train 551, today's train has about 15 manifest cars on the front.

    First seen between Sheppard and Emery, passing the Emery turn which is working off the main.

    Further up the line, the snow has subsided and 551 prepares to knock down the signal at Buckskin South Switch.


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    This evening's run was a CP 420, with an unconventional trio. Seen here at Mactier

    Caught once again charging the air at Spence after doing a little switching.


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    Greetings everybody, after another night run with 113 north we see CP 100 coming back south on a frigid Saturday morning.

    First seen prior to the outbound crew hopping on at Mactier.

    Next up we see 100 over the Nottawasaga river just north of Ypres.

    100 is seen one more time coasting its way into the Elder siding and Vaughan Yard.


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    Yesterday's run of 119 out of Toronto heading for Edmonton shows as follows.

    First up we see 119 charging the air in Vaughan, ready to throttle out and head north.

    Through the Ontario wilderness.

    Coming through Bala at restricted speed due to work being done on the tracks through town.

    Coming into Mactier.

    CP 2-420 is seen stopped at Mactier, waiting for 119 to clear up so he can proceed south.

    One more run for the month coming up!


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    Nice screenshots of CP in Canada right in Ontario. You should upload your activity for others to simulate this route.


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    Quote Originally Posted by cn bala View Post
    Nice screenshots of CP in Canada right in Ontario. You should upload your activity for others to simulate this route.
    Thanks John!

    You aren't the only person to ask about these activities! These will be released to the community in due time, so patience would be appreciated. But don't let that lead you to think that I'm holding out on the community, not at all!


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    As the saying goes, "one more for the road."

    CP 2-204 leads an autorack repo train from the west for Montreal, with a stop at Spence to dump a portion of his train. But first the train holds at Buckskin for a northbound 119.

    Heading down the Mactier subdivision

    Nearing Toronto at sunset. Taken from Islington Ave, 2-204 crosses Express Toll Route 117.

    I nice bidding adieu for the Mactier sub until next time, always a fun route to run in December!


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