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Thread: Baffled by TS2016 naming of sidings and destinations

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    Question Baffled by TS2016 naming of sidings and destinations

    As I have completed laying the track in my first yard, and a little beyond, I would like to label each track appropriately; including destination markers in a few spots so I can test it out as I go along. Using the Select tool to highlight a section of track presents a fly-out which allows me to change a few things about the highlighted section but, does not include a provision to name the highlighted section.

    The tutorials I have viewed on the subject (ie. Laying Track and Creating Yards) are either lacking, or outdated. Would someone please be so kind as to furnish me with some specific instruction on how to create these destination markers and siding names in TS2016? I cannot create a scenario without them.

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    These are in your asset folder

    click on track and then the signal icon and scroll down to find the markers they are labeled
    siding, platform, and destination

    place marker on track and split open and you can label them
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