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Thread: New user in Open Rails

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    Default New user in Open Rails

    I have just discovered Open Rails and I like what I see but I do not like the smaller window to view MSTS and would like to know how to get the full window.

    I had recently re-installed my MSTS but I noticed that when I click on the icon on my desk top it does not work because I believe there is a setting for full window viewing.
    I also noticed that the controls are the same as MSTS.
    I would also like to know where I go to download the manual for Open Rails.
    Any help would b greatly appreciated, thankl you

    William Webb

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    Welcome to Open Rails!
    You can download the manual from - click on the "Learn" button.
    When you display the startup frame for Open Rails, click on the "Options" button - it will open up a tabbed display. Click on the "Video" tab - the window size can be set in a box near the bottom. You can switch back and forth between full screen and windowed while OR is running with Alt+Enter.

    Sid P.

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