Tinkering with reskins again trying to get blue to be blue instead of purple in the game;

On the right is the actual color, left is what it looks like in game at 7AM (0700 for you military grunt types, or 6 bells in the morning watch for us salty types) with the red way oversaturated.

Fiddled with the environment lighting in surveyor, found that (1) only one environment per route, it will let you edit a session instead of the route then ignore everything except whatever you had last time the route was saved, and (2) the color of the ambient lighting has no effect on the saturation. That's when I found that clicking on the sun preview and reducing the intensity of that, had the effects I was looking for;

Top is the default environment, bottom is with the ambient left alone and the sun turned down about halfway.

So apparently it's similar to the MSTS environment files, with ambient being ambient, and sun in Trainz doing the same thing the direct lighting in MSTS does. Wish I had known that 5 years ago, all the complaints about "cartoonish" graphics can be at least partially cured by turning down the sun settings when creating a new route. What I'd really like to find is a way to set different environments and sky textures for each session in the same route (TS2010, dunno anything about TANF other than all the griping I've read) but I suspect if there's a way to do that someone would have found it by now.