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Thread: Problem with ABL2 template

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    Default Problem with ABL2 template

    I just installed the Alameda Belt Line-2 template, and the fix. Activity Generator Version 4.2.12 keeps telling me that it can't find regions 2, 3, 5, and 6 in the .csv file and, therefore, it will not let me generate any activities.

    I've been using the Activity Generator for years and never had this happen before.

    Has anyone experienced a like situation and, if so, how did you fix it? Thanks!!!


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    The template for the ABL is for version 1 of the route. I don't believe there was a version completed for version 2. The version should work for both routes though. I would check to make sure all of the paths have been installed. Also, you can check the *.pro file using WordPAD. Make sure that there are 6 paths and they show the numbers of the regions.

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