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Thread: RailDriver 111.78 and BR52

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    Exclamation RailDriver 111.78 and BR52

    Hello and best wishes for 2016

    I am a French player (sorry for my bad english)
    The current version of my game is TS2016 - v54.5b

    Last week I used my RailDriver on the "Ruhr Sieg Line"
    The RailDriver was still in the older version 111.42
    In the "Historischer Gutterzug" scenario, the steam loco BR52 worked perfectly :

    After completely desinstalling MW3 (C: \ ProgramFile.... and LocalAppData....)
    I install the new version 111.78 and recalibrates the RailDriver
    And now, with the loco BR52, the train brake does not work !!!
    TRAIN_BRAKE, not fonctionnaly !!!!

    Note 1)
    By launching the "Heating Up" scenario I see that the 4 controlers works perfectly with the electric loco BR101
    BR52 is not a new train....
    Is an official STEAM Addon with "Ruhr Sieg Line" (19 sept 2012)
    Provider "Eisenbahnwerk"

    Note 2)
    Read the answer of "Support Piengineering"
    I do not have access to the BR52 for testing. It may be that this add-on asset is not fully compatible.
    Please note that just because it is not a new add-on and that STEAM released it, this does not mean that the makers of the train used the standard control scheme that we base our RD on.
    We are aware of some lever issues with the default trains(the ones on the attached list) and are working to correct those ,
    these were caused by a change made to the advanced braking systems by DoveTail Games, however this specific issue looks like an add-on compatibly problem for an add-on I don’t even have access to for testing.
    As such my options are very limited, my best suggestion would be to enlist the aid of some other rail-enthusiasts on ,
    it may be that someone in this forum will have a work-around for you to try.
    I’m very sorry I do not have a fix for you. Best regards, Liam

    Can you help me ?
    i prefer BR52 because she had 3 brake-indicators and 1 "Steam Chest Pressure" indicator
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    Hi Liam here,
    I just saw that you mentioned that it had worked perfectly with the old installer, I'm sorry I missed that. I'll email you a copy of the older script file, that was used with that older installer, download and save , then in main window of MW3.1 select "File>Load Script" .
    best regards,

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    A big thank-you to Liam

    It is a good idea until an integrated solution in the new MW3.

    I had been using this method for my profiles, but I did not know you could open an older version profiles.
    This solution is very fast, because it should not restart the PC or MW3 or TS2016

    See my last new-keys-config here:

    Now just make a list of locos that are to work with the old version.

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    I prefer DB BR52 2-10-0 because she have a "Steam Chest Pressure" indicator !
    This indicator is very important in "expert" driving.
    BR52 "Deutsh kriegslok" is the loco used in WW2 (1620 HP)

    The BR52 is a good loco for driving on DB-Lines because the trafic lights are positioned right !
    If i drive other lines, i usualy use the LNER-A3-Flying Scotsman (but the windows of A3 is very small....)

    DB-52_vs_A3-Scotsman.jpg LocosVapeur.jpg

    And if i buy an RailDriver it's for driving without HUD F4 ....
    "RailDriver" is a wonderfull device - with a good support team
    I have tree 26" monitors and its very immersive view with only the RailDriver.

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