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Thread: my big news about ts 2016

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    Default my big news about ts 2016

    i have big route creation news in ts 2016 which i explan in this you tube video

    i'm going to make all 11 railstream cam cities and the areas, the old alabama & florida And maybe the whole CSX M&M sub or just the parts i know best

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    Good luck to you. Seems like an enormous project. This has been mentioned many times by well known route developers, start small. get to know how to set up a route. Make a few miles, be happy with it, then enlarge.
    Number one plan..........Stick with it.
    Interested in all Train-Sims

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    Quote Originally Posted by OTTODAD View Post
    How many years do you think it is going to take you to learn all about creating routes in TS-2016 and then in UE4, actually making a route with flawless scenery, tracks, signals, road crossings, etc, etc, etc, not using any Payware assets from DTG and their partners, those running it may not have?
    i have created routes for years on the trainz series and going get my stuff from railworks america being really my first train simulator route projects its not going to be perfect at first but going to use google maps to see where everything is placed

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    well dejoh your right i have to start small and in my trainz years i did just stop on a route so i do have to stick with it

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    In my experience the more flamboyant the announcement, the quicker the descent into vapourware.

    A 25 mile TS2016 route built to middle of the road freeware standards is likely to take in excess of two months, let alone the considerable mileage the OP appears to be proposing.

    Never one to discourage but I have to agree with Otto and Dejoh. Start small, do something within your creative and time "budget" that you can cut your teeth on and learn from any mistakes. And, word to the wise, never announce anything until it is in an advanced state and completion/release is pretty much certain.

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    thanks vern i know making routes take time an i now realize that announcing before finishing it can be bad but i will keep my word

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