I just purchased this app for the Android. Probably one of the better gadget train sims out there. In addition a very useful feature is the ability to run BVE routes (there is a utility available to port these off your PC), so I spent yesterday morning file mashing and managed to successfully transfer Birmingham Cross City South and the excellent Joetsu Border Japanese route. A couple of other routes are proving a tad more stubborn...

Replication is not 100% and obviously OpenBVE remains the best way to run BVE stuff especially with its mix and match approach to routes and trains. One drawback is that Hmmsim doesn't currently support routes or trains in OpenBVE format and of course many BVE sites have gone the way of the dodo, time to look out the backup CD's.

After more work can confirm the following routes run okay:-
Minomachi Tram with 600, 800 and 880 series tramcars.
Epping to Ongar, with Class 37/4 for BVE 4.
FGV route from Genoa towards Casella.