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Thread: CNW Chicago Division Progress - 2016

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    Yep, you're not stuck in a four year time jump...

    River Forest Metra platforms...

    I've mentioned elsewhere that as part of my TSRE Bootcamp, I am re-doing some track that no longer matches up to the Google imagery. This week, it was M19A to River Forest. New track alignment is now a 95% match to the ground images on that six mile stretch of track.

    O'Hare presented a bit of a challenge... Google imagery reflects the new track alignment and runways, and I'm trying to keep this in the 1970's from a track perspective.... That arc of track to the left is the new alignment, which I don't want....

    With TSRE's in-editor paint capabilities, that's now been properly backdated.

    Looking ahead a bit, there's a bunch of the West Line that needs to be re-done, shifting the track by 5-10m to match imagery, but also to correct some curve geometry that I might have forked up in my haste to get track out to Rochelle. That repair work will continue thru the end of the month.

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    Looks great Eric! I have an old Trains Magazine from 1979 whose main article is over the fast freights that would run at passenger speeds over the Chicago and Iowa Divisions, and it caught my interest in the C&NW. Really hope to see this project when it's finished!

    -Cade VerHage-
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    Eric, great to see you and TSRE playing nice in the sandbox. I will enjoy watching your progress posts.

    Here at home, in the railroad mayhem capital of the world.

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