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Thread: AI train limit?

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    Default AI train limit?

    Hello, I've been working on a scenario for the London brighton route in ts2014. I'm starting at london. So far everything has been stable but now all of the sudden trainsim crashes to desktop after a few mins of being in the scenario editor. I was able to drive the scenario without any errors but if I try to edit it then it crashes, Any ideas?


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    This was a big problem when the route was released, but improvements to the editor have cured the problem for most of us to a large extent. A lot will depend on your computer specs and where on the route you are working.
    One thing that appeared to help was to clear the Blueprints before trying to do anything in the editor for this route. Also some re-skins can cause the editor to crash on this route.
    There is no magic answer - apart from upgrading your computer to high specs, but you may consider that to be a high price to pay in order to just create a scenario for one route.

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