2016 has been a pretty amazing year for us at RTS. In fact I've been so busy in the yards trying to keep up with the demand that this was the 1st time all year I really got a good chance to finally get some videos and tutorials processed.

This video is just an overview of some of the crazy stuff happening. I found a nice quiet time to record some videos tonight (11PM EST to 4AM EST is our slowest time, after that weekdays picks up starting with Australia coming on North America and to the east it's not packed but it's steady).

We've got plenty of people running trains and always welcome more. AI is only going to put an increase on this demand as well. I feel that our software will make the transition to AI much easier because of the automation involved in building trains and waybills. However, in order for us to reach our goals and try and get us to real time 24/7 there is lots of yardmasters and switchers needed. In fact we could use some right now.

Make no mistake there is a learning curve involved just like Run8 is. But we have plenty of people available most of the time now who can help answer questions etc. Hopefully this video gives you an idea as to what we are up against.