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Thread: PRR Eastern Region Activities

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vince View Post
    My original post on the subject: uses a slightly different method that works well also.

    I used your method when you posted it back in December to clear the problem up and it worked the best. After following it to a "T", double and triple checking it then holding my breathe when I hit save. Low & Behold, it worked great. You are the man !

    If I remember correctly I had a problem once with a signal by COLA interlock on the Port Road. But I think it was cleared up after fix 05 came out. I have to run the section of the route again to make sure.

    And Don, I was going to tell you to replaced the bumpers with the GNR ones if you have them (Which you do). They do improve the route quite well.

    If anyone reading this is still looking for the bumper download. It is still available on the Internet Archive site.
    - Mark -

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    Yes, I have replaced them and the improvement is visually much better. They are free to use, I don't know why all these routes keep showing up with the European style, unless that is what is in the Track Data they are using. I don't know how to build a route so that is only a guess.

    Nice route though, I am now using ZosaTrains GG1 and some better Pennsylvania Coaches, Much Better even on what is an Explore Activity.

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