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Thread: Is it just me or is this a Microsoft scam??

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    At various times, some Windows updates have been suspected of triggering failure of "Windows Genuine Advantage" vetting of the running OS. No idea why, or what fixes that other than reinstall, and no admission of "guilt" from MS. Perhaps that was why I had to buy a replacement copy of Win7 for the tester laptop, and install it cleanly, before I could get SP1 and all other updates installed so the Win10 upgrade would go through? Didn't see a failure message, but the OEM Win7 would not accept SP1.

    OTOH, except for that glitch with the laptop, it hasn't (finger crossed) happened to me yet, even though I've done many hardware changes including motherboards and reinstalled Windows several times in several different versions. I even recently used an old copy (originally bought for a computer that I no longer have) to set up XP in a VM under Win10; activated and updated fine. Of course, again except for the laptop, all of my Windows copies at least from XP on are retail (most upgrades) which might have something to do with it, and I do a fresh install whenever there's a major change (motherboard or hard disk). The only time I got an unexpected activation failure for a hardware upgrade was (on a previous computer) replacing a video card; I could understand motherboard, but video? And I've since changed video on another computer without a glitch. Go figure.

    Ultimately, though, I think any Windows user has to keep enough backups, in both image and readable form, to allow any kind of restoration to be done all the way to wiping the disk and installing a new copy of Windows. Stuff will occasionally happen, and I've given up dealing with M$ on the phone - either there's a lack of communication or they want money with no projection for success. Really, Windows users (other than those like businesses with paid support) need to be roughly as self-supporting as Linux users.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeebb View Post
    Really, Windows users (other than those like businesses with paid support) need to be roughly as self-supporting as Linux users.
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    I have an XP (SP3) machine which I use for connecting to the internet.It now has automatic updates switched off because some months ago some "update" totally screwed up the machine.My TrainSim machine is WIN 7,Never connects to the internet,Works fine,no viruses,no updates.

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    Yep, everybody here is freaking out about Windows 10 and how much it may (or may not) send back to the mothership.

    Meanwhile, in Russia...

    Dave, I searched a bit on that image. Microsoft has done some strange ad campaigns, but that one's definitely one of the weirdest...


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    Quote Originally Posted by ckawahara View Post
    My system has that, was installed December 2015.

    My 8.1 Pro has that KB installed as well, with no problems as of yet.

    I wonder if the people who are having problems are those who built their own machines using individually sourced copies of the OS? If you buy a new rig from HP or Dell and the OS comes pre-installed, I'm sure that licensing is tweaked to not abandon those customers. It is as if the people who build their own computers are not as vaccinated against this type of nonsense happening. You can bet HP or Dell are not going to be interested in taking angry phone calls from customers when the OS suddenly stops being genuine. With HP, you even have a restore partition that restores the OS to factory settings and doesn't require any re-activations on my part, I can restore an infinite number of times.

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    Still running Vista Home Basic 32 Bit. Update Kb3118401 and kb3140527 cause my machine to fail to boot on restarting. I've tried 5 ways to Sunday and still cannot get those two updates to play nice.

    I was planning to make a switch for a long term run with Windows 7. But, Sounds if evil arse M$ is going to sabotage that OS now as well.


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