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Thread: Locomotive with coaches takes time to move forward

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    Default Locomotive with coaches takes time to move forward


    I am encountering this really unusual issue where the indian electric locomotive attached to an express wont move forward until its EOT BP reaches 7.2/ 98 PSI. It does so very gradually.

    I even increased the Brake Pipe Charging Rate to 1000 (which is used in msts game play)

    Anyone aware of such issues?

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    OpenRails generally takes longer to release the air brakes than MSTS.

    The cause of your trouble could be that the MaxBrakeForce could be set too high in the .eng or .wag files. I've seen many locomotives with a 300+kN brake force when I figure it should only be 60-70% of the total mass at most.

    Check the .eng file for AirBrakesHasLowPressureTest (1). If this has a 1 in the box, it will cut power until the brakes are nearly released. You can try adding a ( 0 ) in place of the ( 1 ) to turn off this feature.

    Good luck in resolving your trouble. Another idea is to check that the MaxForce line is in kW and not Hp or kN. That could keep the locomotive from producing the power you would expect.


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    If you can tell us which engine and express rake you are using it may help in solving the issue.
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    Hi tbundy1982 and Baldvin. I appreciate your swift responses. I found the solution. It was nothing technical. I just had to release the pressure up to 110 psi (most of electric locomotives, or I say all), through the key Shift + /. I am at much ease now.

    Thanks for the replies.

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