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Thread: NEC Mega Pak and Windows 10

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    Question NEC Mega Pak and Windows 10

    I am using MSTS with Windows 10. Everything works well so far except for one small hitch: the NEC Mega-Pack (NECPAK01.ZIP) will not install. When I attempt the install, the package throws the error shown in the attached screencap.

    NB In all attempts to run this installer, I have been running the file as Administrator.

    I have researched other instances of this issue on this forum and I have not found anything helpful. I have also tried using various iterations of compatibility mode settings--no joy.

    Do you all have any other suggestions or alternatives that I could try?

    Failing that, is it possible to download the add-ons in the mega pack individually?



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    I have just run a test install of the exe having extracted it from the zip and it installs just fine in Win 10. No compatibility settings, just run as administrator after extracting. Cant see any screenshot btw, so cannot comment on it.
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    I don't see the screencap.

    I assume you've followed the special instructions for installing MSTS outside of the program folder, as explained at

    There is a known issue with old 16 bit installers having problem on 64 bit computers. It *might* be possible to use 7zip (a free download) to unzip these files. You can install it on an old computer and copy the files over. If you want to wander into uber-geek territory, it might be possible to use a windows XP emulator.


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    I have that Mega pack installed and running in Win 10 with Open Rails with no issues.

    Make sure about the install!

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