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Thread: "Looking" For CLW ( Colombus Locomotive Works ) Engines.

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    Cool "Looking" For CLW ( Colombus Locomotive Works ) Engines.

    Hi,..does anyone know where I can find these; - 1.AlcoPA SP Daylight PA Livery, 2.AlcoPA ATSF Warbonnet PA #62.
    I checked website, and it seams to be 'gone'. not sure if they are out of business or what! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Tim

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    However those PA's are some of the earliest MSTS add-ons released. Things have moved on and if that era interests you I'd suggest looking at

    At least a decade separates these models and there are plenty of utilities available here that allow you to change existing activities or create your own.
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    Just as Geoff said, they are still must be a registered forum member to download items.
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    Personally, I would go with the units from BLW. Not sure if there are any Pennsy ones in a set. I got the D&RGW, SP, and AT&SF units from BLW. I don't think there's a set of just PA units. They are mostly in passenger train sets which are well worth it.

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