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    Default Changing locos

    There has been lots of help explaining how to change from one loco to another but each time, the two locos have been connected. Is it possible to change from one loco to another not connected, i:e: from one loco to another loco on the other side of the yard?


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    I'm sure you can't do it in MSTS, but pretty sure you can in OR.
    Someone with more familiarity may add comments confirming or denying the capability.

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    MSTS >>> locos have to be physically connected to change from one loco to another

    ORTS >>> Alt+9 brings up the Train List window which shows all the driveable locos, player, AI-Trf and static. You can switch to any loco, either suspending the train you are leaving or letting it continue on the path set for it.
    See manual for more info. It really does work. You can spend a week running one activity from many different trains.
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    Quote Originally Posted by R. Steele View Post
    MSTS >>> locos have to be physically connected to change from one loco to another
    To clarify...

    You can swap to any "locomotive" in the same consist...

    Even if there are non locomotives in between them. Like how modern commuter trains perform push-pull operations with a powered locomotive on one end of a passenger train, and it has a "Cab-bage" on the other end.

    I have been able to select any "locomotive", in any position, in the same consist...

    However, the train doesn't always work so well though...

    Mixing Steam with Diesels can cause operational problems.

    Also, you have to have a good engine file for "Cab-bages". You don't want the wagon to "PULL" the train, and you have to watch out for incorrect weight & fuel usage issues too...
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