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Thread: Article: 15th Anniversary

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    Default Article: 15th Anniversary

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    Congos Train Sim and MSTS! Looking forward for a exciting future of MSTS,Train Sim and Open Rails!

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    Well done Train Sim and MSTS keep up the good work and don't change the format - it works perfectly as it is. Thanks for entertaining us all these years.

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    Default Congratulations

    I say like charlesowen:
    Don't change anything in this excellent site.
    Actually it works perfect.
    Congratulations to the responsible of and good luck for site and all his members.
    António Mateus

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    Looking forward to 15 more exciting years! MSTS is the best

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    Trainsim congratulations for 15 years of excellent quality MSTS, and make us happy with our railways
    virtual and let ourselves increasingly hobbyists
    by MSTS, open rails, Trainz, railworks, and bve or...

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    This website is the best. Without it, the people who run the site and the people who have uploaded so many amazing files, I would haven't learned so much about trains. Thanks to all who have made this site possible and enabled me to enjoy trains in a way not possible without this site and MSTS/Open Rails.

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    Congrats, may both of you MSTS & TrainSim live another 15 years. Even with its age MSTS still the best trainsim thanks to Binpatch.

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    Congrats on the 15th anniversary. Train Sim has done so much. It provided an outlet for developers of all sorts and gave the armature a place to come get answers. MSTS is still lagging behind in what other train sims has been able to accomplish. For example Railworks as far as graphics, Run 8 as far as life like operation in the cab and functionality and physics. Thanks to BIN. Open Rails has done a lot. Combine all of that into where I think Microsoft MSTS 2 was headed. Google earth inserted into the game. That may not be what Train-sim can do but for the payware and professional developers. Just a few thoughts.
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    The first thing you get in this anniversary is a huge card, your achievement is that this site is the best in its class, prilific and complete. Longevity is a support your sacrifices and enthusiasm, which should be recognized now and forever.
    The future? The future is safe in your hands and we trust it.
    Thanks for everything.

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