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Thread: Russian Rail Road

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    Default Russian Rail Road

    Diesel Engine 3TE10m with Passenger Cars

    Commuter DMU D1

    Diesel Engine 2TE10L and Diesel Shunter CHME3

    All Aboard

    Diesel Engine 2M62

    2M62y (section A) preparing to couple to broken EMU ER2k
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    Just woke up and clicked on this over my morning coffee. What a nice way to start the day. Thanks for sharing.

    Uncle E
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    AC Electric VL10u(Middle) EMU Train ER2(Right) and AC Electric VL8 Left.

    Sleeping Cars Class 3 (Green Right)
    Sleeping Cars Class 2 (Top)
    Sleeping Cars Class 1 (Shorter Height)

    Busy Afternoon

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    Really nice pictures, lots of great rolling stock!

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