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Thread: Victoria Epping Line Activities

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    Quote Originally Posted by xtrap View Post
    I meant the Epping Line in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    A fine (but unfinished) route at version 0.91 that has no activities yet. Considering the amount of urban and suburban scenery, the frame rates are quite good.
    The closest I have to an activity is a MSTS Introductory Train Ride from Epping into the city, through the City Loop and back to Epping.

    The curious can see a few pics of the Melbourne cityscape at: , then scroll down a bit to see the underground stations.

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    I know about the default paths that come with the route. The only reason I was looking for an activity was for timetables and especially AI traffic.
    I actually don't like the X'trapolis train as much as my name would suggest.

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