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    Default Adding new train files

    I've gotten one Train in my files, but I can't remember how I did it. I just downloaded and it did what it had to do to work. I don't know how to add new trains, I download, add file to DemoModel1\TRAINS\TRAINSETS but it doesn't show on Locomotive selections.
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    I'm sorry, what you wrote is not clear to me exactly what your issue is.

    Are you trying to remember where to install train files? They go into the TRAINSET folder within the TRAINS folder. There are longer form tutorials on this site (look in the menu, above) and at Sounds like they would be a worthwhile read.

    Or have you put the train files in TRAINSET and are trying to remember how to run them? You need to make a consist first. Which requires a consist editor, of which there are a few options, free and paid, including the new one Goku made that is part of TSRE (find out more by searching "new consist editor" in the forum - it's got a download link, toward the end of the thread.


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    one train. I have a Big Boy in my train files, and it works. I tried the same method with an 844, it didn't work.

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