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Thread: Summer 1995 on the Green River Route

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    Post Summer 1995 on the Green River Route

    In the sweltering heat of Colorado and Utah, the former DRGW mainline between Grand Junction and Provo stands alone as the sole main line railroad for hundreds of miles. Its 1995 and the Southern Pacific has been in charge of this remote line of railroading for 6 years, and yet another larger merger looming which would have massive implications to the line's traffic. As of now the Southern Pacific use it as one of their arteries between their west coast network and the rest of America.

    First we climb aboard KCOAF, with it still looking much like a DRGW railroad, departing Grand Junction.

    Coming through Ruby Canyon.

    We met an OADVF at Cisco.

    Going into the night approaching Green River.

    RODVM meets us at Sphinx, just as the sun begins to set.

    More adventures in the desert to come so stay tuned!


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    Bit of hiatus from the photographs, but here's the first eastbound. But before we go anywhere, Amtrak 6 runs on time east of Helper.

    SP RODVM with 5 EMDs from both SP and DRGW glides downhill after Amtrak clears.

    Completely stretched out near Price.

    In the desert near Thompson.

    Tying down short of Grand Junction Amtrak station.


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    Nice pics and activity/story line, Ed.

    Here at home, in the railroad mayhem capital of the world.

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    This morning's adventure was westbound merchandise train DVROM, lead by SP SD70M 9823 and 2 other EMD locomotives with an 85 car train. First seen here departing Grand Junction right about sunrise.

    Not long into the trip before our first meet, EUCHQ waits for our westbound at Durham. Although a higher priority train, we were let go because the outbound Grand Jct crew had not come on duty just yet.

    Snaking through Ruby Canyon.

    Amtrak 6 seen in the siding waiting for our passage at Cedar.

    Arriving in Helper at approximately 11am.


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    One of the sad things about this route is that its rendition of Grand Junction looks NOTHING like the real place. The depot is fairly accurate; the former railroad office building next to it has a roof line that wasn't added until just a few years ago. The rest of the town? Not even remotely close. By the way, there are no palm trees within about 400 miles of Grand Junction . . . The rest of the route often has a half-finished look, lots of missing scenery objects (like switchstands, for example), way wrong vegetation and other problems. The route really needs a makeover--badly.

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    Unfortunately, 99% of the buying audience has never seen the place to know. And admittedly, I can't knock if for its lightweight appearance when it was built for MSTS and all its constraints.

    On the plus side, it is one of the few routes with 70 mph single track. A genuine rarity in MSTS route world. Few route builders seem to get away from those 35 mph up the hill/down the hill renditions. I guess "Hill" or "Pass" always sounds more sexy. I do think the little ups and downs and hogbacks in the trackwork on Green River are exaggerated, some of those dips get to 1.6% or more and that doesn't match the charts, and it doesn't render a realistic experience in braking operations. But I understand the effect that was intended.

    Unfortunately, I can count on one hand the number of route builders who really get the track geometry down right. If its got good track, I won't kick it out of bed. If it has more to offer after that, I consider it gravy.

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    The rivet counters will never die and life will go on.

    Even in a Simulation world! Come on people, stop the nit-picking and enjoy what is available. I thought that the scenery in this route was a bit sparse, I have never been "Out West" and did not realize that the route was indeed accurate to a certain degree when I "GOOGLED" the same area and when I saw it in Street View, I sighed and was relieved to see that the route was indeed accurate and the real picture of the area was "That" sparse!!

    You and everyone else can only do so much to represent the area in question, it is a "Simulator"!!!

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    Hey all,

    While I do think that Grand Junction's amount of detailing seemed a bit on the light side, you do FEEL like you're in Grand Junction when you depart or arrive. This is coming from a person who has been through the town multiple times. As far as grades are concerned I do think they are somewhat exaggerated but they are accurate otherwise. Where you see those 1.6-1.8% grade sections, the ruling grade according to the track chart I use for reference is 1.1-1.3% more often than not.

    The way I see it, its a simulator for people like us to get to fill some shoes most of us wouldn't even see beyond dreams in real life. And the ability to either go back in time, or change a little history. Either way, I thoroughly enjoy running the Green River Route and there are more runs to come!


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    Track geometry is only going to be as accurate as the world projection and terrain rendition allow.

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    Its about 5am nearing Solitude, on the heavy grade between Green River and Thomspon. Our eastbound Arco coal drag SP 344 East is down on its hands and knees to make the climb. The cameraman was able to just get enough light and with the speed we were going to get a sharp photograph.

    A photograph of the west-end Brendel, just prior to the coal drag SP 344 East thunders by at less than 20 mph.

    With 84 loads of coal, the line from Helper to Grand Junction is a special challenge for locomotive engineers.

    We meet a westbound DVROM at Agate, the power on the two trains displays the sign of the times on the Southern Pacific.

    Coming through the Ruby Canyon, just about to hit the flats and arrive in Grand Junction.


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