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    Nothing much left to do with Railworks today, I decided to have another look at the Aerosoft Berlin - Wittenberg route.

    My WIN-7 Pro computer is on-line to the Internet, using a BT-Home Broadband router and BT rural Copper cables, connected to the WIN-7's case Ethernet port with a high quality Ethernet cable.

    Starting STEAM / TS-2016 the screen goes black as usual, but stays black, the TS-2016 window not appearing, it has not done before and the Ethernet LED at the back of the desktop computer's case I can see flickering constantly !

    Had to shut down the Hub, not being able to use the Task Manager to END this process and having done that then could !

    Restarted the computer to be on the safe side and with the Internet still not connected TS-2016 loaded O.K., Steam having been told to run it OFF-LINE when its prompt appeared !

    Here are my usual improvements to it, creating reverse loops at Wittenberg, so that my pathed Freeroam player can run from Berlin to Wittenberg and back to Berlin, doubling its mainline tracks length to Wittenberg from 115 to 230 km !

    Now going back to the F2 saved scenario to finish running it, checking that I have pathed it correct for when running other sessions of it, using different players and shunting some of the Loose Consists !

    That being the case I can then place multiple AIs, to run on tracks not likely to be used when any player is running. Launching one only when a player is approaching would be the cherry on top of my cake !

    That is the pleasure and satisfaction I can get running TS-2016 !

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    Running my saved Pathed Freeroam Scenario at accelerated speed back to Berlin:

    You can see Krellnut's Cruise Control being activated at the desired speed by the F4-Hud Wipers indicator showing that they move.

    Found a diverting switch halfway to Berlin which should have been straight !

    CTRL-E moved from the running Scenario in into the Scenario Editor and fixed it:

    Doing this in a F2 - saved scenario that is using this InitialSavedPath is destroying the scenario and would have to re-run it from the start !

    But I place another player into a siding before where it happened and then run it on the affected mainline track next to it to continue running on the InitialSetPath to its destination !

    Now this Pathed Freeroam Scenario is ready for me to do what to do, which us almost limitless !

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    Damn it, my old eyes did not notice the missing crossbars in the lower case t !

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