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Thread: 3D City Massing...?

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    Seems even the smaller towns and cities are not immune from this "adaptive re-use". Translation: Make it something it was not.
    I went past the Tupelo Honey Cafe, the former Clinichfield Station, and the White Duck Taco Shop, the former ET&WNC station. The Tweetsie added a truck warehouse/dock to the back, moving their LCL to 28' trailers in the 50's. That now houses Yee-Haw Brewing, a small, craft brewery. Complete with large, stainless steel 24' tall cylindrical upright hopper outside.
    The Southern Railroad Station in Johnson City, Tn. was spared the indignity. It was leveled in Urban Renewal to make a second road past a "new" County Court house that now houses a Community College. Windowless Concrete box with 3 deck parking garage on top.

    OTOH, "adaptive reuse" is preferable to losing them completely to a two or 3 story glass cube, I guess.

    Doug Relyea

    PS If you think the name Yee-Haw is bad, you should see who else was trying to find a place in Johnson City, This being a Familly-oriented site, I'm not even going to hint at it.
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    Adaptive use has rescued dozens of former CNW stations that I know of in Wisconsin alone... I plan to take a trip up to Fond Du Lac eventually just to be able to measure out that depot for inclusion in at least one of my routes, because the style matches a station that was torn down to make a strip mall....

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    The Railway Station I mentioned, is called the Pacific Central Station ( and Yes, where is the "Station" in there, although, there still is VIA, and AMTRAK, using (parts of ) it.). Unquestionably "Historical landmark" building, originally built by the Great Northern ( they also had their very own (medium-sized ) freightyard, right on its side ).

    For the record, Yes , most of the station itself ( a good 75 to 80%, or more ), had been fully, either preserved, or "restored", as close to the original, as possible ( as Yes, it definitely is "qualified" as an Historical landmark ).

    As far as "prototypical", I simply meant making "simplified"...models of those ( although attempting to use the very best textures, one could come up with ).

    Classic case, here, the front ( street-facing... ) side of the Pacific Central Station, would not... be truly visible, when "running trains", therefore, fetching high quality photos, and a moderate amount of "3 dimensionality", would get the job done .

    The opposite ( open-air passenger train platforms ), on the other hand, calls for the exact-opposite, and one may need going the extra mile, as with trains "crawling to a complete stop", at slow speeds , everything would literally... "be in your face"... ( as you would slowly brake the lead locomotive(s) ).

    As far as use of models from other builders, which were not originally designed, to "fit" exactly, with a specific route I would be working on, I always go the extra mile, to "make my own" / the odd ones, here and there ( from other builders ), still would fit very nicely ( such as..., no one would even notice ).

    Then again, I am perhaps excessively..."demanding"..., ( concerning models from other builders ), as far their effect, on Frame Rates Performance. And, oddly enough..., I am right-in-the-middle, of outright "rebuilding" some of my very own...models..., with lower poly counts, as well as use of fewer / individual (.ace) textures.

    All-in-All, as for as truly prototypical buildings ( like Railway Stations in particular ), Yes, we do need to do our very best, to truly "capture" those, as absolutely everyone ( railroaders, or not ), will "relate" to those.

    Jean Brisson
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