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    Attempts to access the ConBuilder purchase page or the ConBuilder Support Forum result in a page that looks like this:


    I thought at first that Joe had failed to pay GoDaddy for our subscription. BUT now I find that our email addresses can still send and receive. So now I suspect FOUL PLAY from you know who.

    I have emailed Joe about the problem, but when I talked with him a day or so ago he mentioned he was taking his grandson to Phoenix. So he may be in route form Oklahoma to Arizona and it may be a while before he can investigate.

    In the meantime if you have a problem with using ConBuilder or you need to download the current version to reinstall send an email to support (at) ConBuilder (dot) com. If you wish to purchase ConBuilder, you can do so here: Purchase ConBuilder

    If you do not know what ConBuilder is look here: ConBuilder Information
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    Charles, it comes up fine for me.

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    Must be fixed, both pages load correctly for me.
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