I wasn't sure what the term political meant, originally I thought the politics was in our niche not the owners commenting on their political beliefs. Perhaps it's not good for business. If you look deeper though having a train simulator is not good for business. Who has train simulators? Look at all the model railroad shops gone out of business now. Who are these strange people liking trains?

As someone who loves trains, I could care less about what people think about me. Honestly one opinion on a simulator be it graphics or whatever the issue is really doesn't phase me much. I seem to care more about that then what people think of me personally oddly enough. Perhaps it's because Run8 is such a huge part of my life. Perhaps I've mellowed out now because it's been 4 years, and when AI comes there is going to be lots more things I don't care about.

I gave up my server to a fellow user earlier this year. With AI fast approaching sure we still need people to run the yards etc. but we have plenty of demand for that to keep us happy. So I guess what I'm saying in this little mini rant is very simple. It really doesn't matter what offends you. I support Donald Trump yet I do care at my office not to be so loud and proud about it. But out here and when Americans (not I - Canadian but I would vote if I could) go to the polls they aren't going to care about what others think either. If you do other things that keep you happy good for you. But honestly worrying about what a software company has a political rant vs. someone complaining because they don't like it. I don't think anyone is going to lose sleep on what you care about either, nor should anyone about my opinion either.