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Thread: Rest In Peace, Otto....

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    It's been many years since I used to visit here regularly, but just checked in on a whim and came across this.

    Otto was a great guy with a tireless willingness to help out others. His enthusiasm added life to the discussions here and even though there were a few times where I found myself in disagreement with him I never doubted for a second that his heart was in the right place. I had many enjoyable interactions with him and there were even a few occasions where he helped me troubleshoot a few issues back at a time when I considered myself quite knowledgeable about all aspects of MSTS. He was a huge asset to this community and this forum cannot be the same without him. RIP.



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    Well, I'm sad to read that Otto has gone... He had helped me to improve the route I'm still trying to release. What a pity !


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