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Thread: How I can make Burning Coaches???

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    Default How I can make Burning Coaches???

    Dear Sirs


    I have one question.

    I want to convert my coaches (any one). I downloaded But it is looking for placing fire in route. But My image is to put fire on coach so that i can run burning coaches.

    How I can do that?

    Can anyone suggest me on this?

    Thank You.

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    I don't know if that can be done. You people really should stop cooking in the coaches

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    I think there are three options:

    You could make the fire shape a freightanim object, though it wouldn't actually be animated

    You could create a whole new car with some flames coming out of it, which would likely be animated

    Or you could invest in some fire extinguishers. I personally recommend that option

    Most of the time if a car catches fire, you're supposed to stop right away (usually by someone pulling the emergency stop chain) and evacuate the burning car for sure, and probably the adjacent ones as well, if not the whole train

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    Dear ebnertra000 Sir

    Thanks for your reply.

    I did not understood the meaning of third option .{You could invest in some fire extinguishers}

    I am bit new to MSTS. So modelling in GMAX is really tough for me. Can you please suggest some easy options.

    For Example Joining two .sd files , .s files , .ace files etc which I can do using text editor or something.


    With Best Regards
    Sumit Mehrotra

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    "For Example Joining two .sd files , .s files , .ace files etc which I can do using text editor or something." Really... lets nip this in the bud. That's just not the way to do things. You don't *do* anything with S files but use them, as is.
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    I think he means the third option as a joke.

    But actually stopping the train with a burning car is the exact wrong thing to do, at least in many circumstances. Passengers are not evacuated off the train, but to the adjacent cars. The train keeps going to the next grade crossing or other location where it can be met by the local fire department and/or ambulance.

    A train is not an airplane. Or a building. Evacuating trains in an emergency is not necessarily a good idea.


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    there was a movie, named THE BURNING TRAIN, in which the whole train was burning and the story was all about stopping the train with crushing at last station.
    You can watch it here -

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