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    I bought TS2015 from Amazon, the package and the DVD were labeled TS2015 but when I installed and ran it, it was TS2017. Anyway, I'm not sure it's so great ... my last train sim was Auran's Trainz and it came with a variety of scenarios and rolling stock. TS has three passenger modules, all electric ... no steam or diesel. Not very interesting and after a number of wheel slips it gets boring.

    Question: where can I find scenarios created with TS2017? It has a "build" function so I presume there are a lot of creative people working hard to produce interesting adventures. I'm really interested in what's possible with TS.

    Question: how does TS201X interact with Open Rails and MSTS? OR scenarios indicate that various parts of MSTS are used . I know that when I used the installer with OR scenarios, many of them end up in the ProgFiles086\Microsoft Games\ folder.

    I particularly enjoyed the cargo activities (logs, etc.) and the yard work putting together consists of Trainz. I'm hoping to find the same enjoyment with TS.

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    Hmmm, I'm suprised you have not recieved any replies yet. The forum is unusually quiet since we learned of Otto Wipfel's passing. I usually just lurk here but I will try to answer both your questions.
    User created scenarios can be found in the workshop. When you start Train Simulator click drive, then on the page that loads you should see a tab for the Workshop. Click on that and you can search for scenarios based on the Route, Loco, etc. When you find one you want click the "Subscribe" button and it will be downloaded to your game.
    Train Simulator has no interaction with Open Rails or the old MSTS, different code, different game.

    Happy Simming!

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    Regardless of which version of Railworks (the generic name for TS20xx) you buy, Steam will upgrade it to the latest i.e. currently TS2017.

    Your best bet for additional content is take a look at some of the DLC (payware additional content) on Steam, which usually comes with a few scenarios to show off the route and traction. Steam currently have their Thanksgiving/Black Friday sale on followed by another one over Xmas, which is a good opportunity to buy stuff at a more realistic price.

    You can, of course, use the editor to create your own scenarios but this involves a little thought and a bit of a learning curve. There's also a feature called quick drive where you can assemble a train set and choose to drive between two particular locations.

    Scenario creation generally has been largely neglected as opposed to route or rolling stock add-ons, possibly because it is such a complex and time consuming process and lacks the "glamour" of offering the community a new route or loco to play with. In any event freeware of all types has become fairly rare compared to other sims, for a variety of reasons I won't go into here, with the announcement by DTG of their forthcoming Train Sim world not helping motivation to continue in what may soon become an obsolete programme.

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    There are 250 scenarios in the Railworks America file library for free.
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