Hello! So a while ago, I posted somthing that I was building a major route of the New York State Railroads here (post 26 as of 11/16/2016.) Well, the trackwork I was planning on for the release, including sidings and platforms are now complete, and I'd like to show some screenshots of it (some stuff still not final still.)

Note: Some parts of the route remain unfinished as intended for the release and should be completed in the next update.

Here is the map of the the whole route (the whole thing was done in 8 months (track only w/ signals, necessary bridges, etc.)):

First Screenshot: Buffalo's Metro Rail System (Click on images to make them larger)

Buffalo Junction. Currently, even know the crossover point has been marked, it isn't functioning properly based on the signals.

Genesse Junction near Chili, NY (Fun fact: Genesse Junction is also a town, without roads or buildings.)

Kodak Park is complete with only a few minor edits.

The next two pictures are a perfect example of the unfinished parts of the route. They are mainly some major yards. More info about that will be in the ReadMe. First Frontier Yard in Buffalo:

And also Lyons yard (in Lyons, NY):

Finally the last image I currently have, the yard in Geneva NY (without the F6 markers)

I plan on releasing this route on December 3rd, if all goes to planned.