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    I want to add ditch lights to the Donner Pass SD40-2T. How would i go about doing that?

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    Hi....I have a question about ditch lights. I know that RR's need to have ditch lights on locomotives for safety purposes, but some railroads have flashing ditch lights and others don't. What makes a railroad decide whether to have their ditch lights alternate or not when they sound the horn at a grade crossing?

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    Federal law, 49 CFR 229.125. Here is a bit of the text that indicates what is required:

    (e) Auxiliary lights required by paragraph (d) of this section may
    be arranged
    (1) to burn steadily or
    (2) flash on approach to a crossing.
    If the auxiliary lights are arranged to flash;
    (i) they shall flash alternately at a rate of at least 40 flashes
    per minute and at most 180 flashes per minute,
    (ii) the railroad's operating rules shall set a standard procedure
    for use of flashing lights at public highway-rail grade crossings, and
    (iii) the flashing feature may be activated automatically, but shall
    be capable of manual activation and deactivation by the locomotive
    (f) Auxiliary lights required by paragraph (d) of this section shall
    be continuously illuminated immediately prior to and during movement of
    the locomotive, except as provided by railroad operating rules,
    timetable or special instructions, unless such exception is disapproved
    by FRA. A railroad may except use of auxiliary lights at a specific
    public highway-rail grade crossing by designating that exception in the
    railroad's operating rules, timetable, or a special order. Any exception
    from use of auxiliary lights at a specific public grade crossing can be
    disapproved for a stated cause by FRA's Associate Administrator for
    Safety or any one of FRA's Regional Administrators, after investigation
    by FRA and opportunity for response from the railroad.

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