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    I am not good at all at making small 3-D objects, and worse yet I have no clue how to animate such objects.

    Based on a ride I took on the California Zephr in 1984, I am wondering if a cute situation could be set up for a passenger
    route in MSTS, to wit----:

    While passing through the Gore Canyon, we came upon a raft of white water folks who were enjoying their activity through
    the rapids in that area. As we passed, most of the occupants MOONED THE TRAIN. I would like to issue a challenge for someone
    to come up with a object of this nature. A rubber boat of the type used by commercial rafters, loaded with no more than 8
    occupants, some of whom are in the process of "MOONING". If it can be done, I will put it in the Yakima Canyon on the
    MCOA1 route currently being polished up.

    For our European friends & others, Mooning refers to the practice of bending over and displaying the backside with pants dropped.
    I am not sure if it is to show respect, or something else, but most of us look on it as sorta fun.


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    That would be a cool model, sorry I can't help. We have an annual MOON AMTRAK day in S. California, 100's show up at a times, last I heard it got so big the city where it was held finally outlawed it

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