Hello, that particular activity had five units specified for that Player train. I am now running another activity on C-P which has only three units assigned to the player train, but it is a loaded consist and I found the three units would not do. I added two more units but it only helped a bit on the steepest part of the route, right after leaving San Bernadino Yard.

On the subject of "Max Power", is it just a matter of changing the HP number in the engine file or is it much more involved?
I did a search for Max Power and got a number of hits, looks like University Physics all over again! I am not interested in calculating and recalculating for every one of the Locos that I have. I want to run trains, it is my relax therapy.

Is there a sort of "Quick-Result", in essence one for ES44AC, another for SD90, another for Dash-9 etc?

Thanks ahead of time.