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    I have tried my best to figure this out, even posted on another forum - but with no replies. So I am hoping you can help me out. After many stalled attempts, I think train simulators have got user-friendly enough for fools like me to give it a go. I have worked with Trainz and MSTS years ago - but now think they are simple enough for me to give it a go. However, I have already come across a problem that I thought I would ask for help with.

    I am doing a real route near Wolverhampton and created station markers to help me zip to locations. That worked pretty well. The template I am using is the West Somerset line, as directed in the tutorial. I am doing a GWR branch line and thought the content would be similar. However, I then proceeded to load assets from other UK routes, hoping that I could use these too.

    That's also imported all of the other markers. So in addition to my five stations, I have all the West Somerset ones, all of the Liverpool ones. I've already laid the track and cut a canal - and am really enjoying virtual modeling. However, is there a way of getting rid of the excess markers without having to cut this and start all over again?

    I really hope there is a simple way of doing this. I have RW_Tools and am still in my learning curve.

    Would love any help you can provide.


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    In the in-game editor you will often get markers for other routes, but yours should always be at the top of the list when you open your route. If that is the case then I wouldn't worry too much. When I created markers for John Kirk's North Lincolnshire route I used a Kuju Template and I get a list of all the N Lincs markers, and then the other Kuju routes (GWML, ECML, Hopetown etc) follow underneath.
    If your markers are not at the top of the list then something is wrong.

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    Thank you for replying to my question. Sadly my markers appear on the bottom. Is this something I can fix without doing the whole route again?

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    It can almost certainly be fixed without too much trouble. It may be the way you have set up the folders for "RouteMarkers" and "TemplateRoutes" - I will need to see the files.
    I have sent you a PM about what I need to see.

    John's N Lincs route was already a vast route when, due to changes in the game, it became essential to have Markers in order to create new scenarios at any spot other than the "Route Origin". I then added over 60 markers for the existing route so that new scenarios could be made. Now, when John extends the route he sends me the co-ordinates of required markers and I add them to the list.

    At the start I had no idea what I was doing and the markers failed to appear in the Create a New Scenario section of the Build Menu, they sometimes appeared in-game - sometimes not, and they would appear at the bottom of the list. All those problems were sorted out (mainly by trial and error) so that they work correctly now.

    I suspect that you may not have set them up correctly in the Assets folder, but it will be a lot easier to diagnose the problem if I have the files in front of me.


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