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Thread: OpenBVE Developments

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    I think that is the original version, Mike. Looks like the author was working on V2 but with the last update on the other site a year ago, seems it may be a dead duck.

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    Oh right sorry Vern, i didn't realise there was a v2 of the route.

    I don't have anything to do with BVE or OpenBVE anymore buddy.

    They were good 10 - 15 yrs ago, but don't really grab my attention now.

    It was only because you said about the NLL, i installed it and had a quick look.

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    Quote Originally Posted by haverfordwest View Post
    Hiya Robert,

    i had quite a bit of the original Triang stuff growing up, not Triang\Hornby which came later.

    Also had a Minic set, which was designed to integrate with the model railway.

    Looking at the prices of model railways these days. I could never afford the most basic set, so it's trains on the pc instead.

    I've got a couple pieces of the Tri-ang era stuff from the 60's. It's not very easy getting the stuff over to this side of the pond though. A lot of sellers don't ship to the states. I don't understand the business aspects of those decisions really. But then, I suppose they have their reasons.

    I got interested in British trains when I was very young. the interest just stuck with me all these years.

    Oscar Paisley on youtube has quite a collection of the Tri-ang/Hornby stuff and puts up a new video every Sunday. Very fascinating watching his channel every Sunday morning.

    I believe the Cross City South V2 is dead sadly.


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