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Thread: Conflicted - A Run8V2 Music Video

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    Default Conflicted - A Run8V2 Music Video

    Valhalla Tower's first Run8 Version2 music video is now live! This time I decided to get more shots on the A-Line and West Coast since the last one was rather 'Selkirk-centric." I decided to try something new with this one by linking some clips to the bass drops for a more "sudden" effect. I also showcase the snow textures I converted for Selkirk/Mohawk. (Not everyone is gonna like the song choice, so i apologize in advance)

    Song: Anna Yvette & AFK - Clouds [NCS Release]

    Please send me feedback! I'd love to hear it!
    (NOTE for Admins and Mods: All custom content is for private-use only and is NOT in violation of the EULA as it will not be released. Run8 Studios is well aware of this content and has no issue)

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    Nice video. I personally would rather hear the sounds of the locomotive and freight cars go by, maybe with light background music, instead of some excitable singer, but that's just me.
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